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When we talk about the textile and apparel business in the global scenario, we cannot ignoure the contribution and potential of Pakistan which has been a historical origin of ethnic and industrial fabrics, printing and unique techniques of yarn and fabric making. Doing the last 70 years, industrialization of this sector has broadened the product range dramatically and made the country a sourcing paradise.



  • Is one of the top 5 cotton growing countries of the world.
  • Has a strong infrastructure of conventional and modern industrial manufacturing.
  • Has presence of a very high percentage of young population and availability of high productive labor at competitive cost.
  • Has an export friendly Government (Polices enabling manufactures to offer flesxibilities to buyers).
  • Pakistan has all the ingredients for manufacturing the best quality row materials and value added finished products.


During the last 10 years. Denim has become one of the major products of Pakistan due to heavy and logical investments. Denim has been and will always stay as a major strength of the Paltistan Textile industry.

We say that because:

The quality of cotton grown in Pakistan is highly suitable for 30’s/1 or courser yarn counts. And 90% of casual apparel bottom fabrics are made using well below 30’s/1.

  • Highly efficient and the most modem spinning and weaving infrastructure has always been a very strong and renowned point of Pakistan’s Textile History.

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  • Latest investments during the last 15 years in rope dyeing plants, garment washing and modern finishing equipment has made it one of the major suppliers of denim fabric and finished products for brands like, Levi’s, NW, Diesel, Wrangler Lee, Nautica, Mustang, Arizona Jeans, Limited Express, and 1. of other USA, EU, Scandinavian fashion and work wear Brands.

LOOPTEX has been sourcing denim apparel and fabrics for the US and Canadian market for the last 4 years. We have one of the world’s best fully vertical (spinning to high fashion finished garments), socially compliant and state of the art denim plants, as our main supply partners. We hove been successfully servicing customer needs of small or large orders, competitively priced or innovative and high value products, quick turnaround or replenishment programs and have been offering the best solutions to our buyers resulting in continuous growth.

LOOPTEX is a one stop solution for any denim customer who wants a long term solution for his or her brand’s custom needs.


Once again Pakistan has been one of the major suppliers of any weight and construction bottom weight fabrics used for chinos, cargos. Carpenters etc. Our country is equipped with the world’s best and latest spinning, weaving and dyeing finishing equipment and has been supplying to the world’s largest brands like Dockers. Levi’s. Zara, Burshka. Gap. Old navy H8.M. Wall Mart, CM and etc.

We have the best supply partners who are fully vertical from spinning – weaving – dyeing and finishing – garment making – wasting under one group.

LOOPTEX offers services in both fabrics and Garments. We have makers who are fully vertical specialized in categories of basic to high end casual apparel and work wear using high performance and techno fabrics.


Pakistan’s industry is equipped with extremely modem infrastructure related to the complete range of home furnishings products and towels in all price and quality ranges.

We have long and strong relations with the best suppliers in this product range and have been sourcing home furnishings and towels for EU, Swiss and USA markets

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We have great potential in Pakistan in several product categories and we have excellent relations with factories. We can develop a long term supply base with detailed workings with customers.

We can offer sector analysis and feasibility reports after understanding customer needs and capabilities of the Pakistani industry of that specific product.