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We have:

  • 45,000 sq ft covered area for fabric storage, cutting, motif printing, heat transfer,, sewing, pressing and ironing, finished product inspection, packing and storage.
  • 400 highly skilled permanent employees.
  • Well trained and experienced merchandisers, product development staff and customer service reprentatives.
  • Qualified industrial engineers
  • Highly committed quality assurance learn.
  • Modem and most relevant machinery for each product category. Excellent balance of labor and equipment to achieve cost efficiency and manufacturing flexibility.

We manufacture:

  • A wide range of products like knitted and woven apparel for all genders and age groups.
  • Woven accessories such as promotional bags, aprons, webbing belts and table-ware etc.
  • All types of woven fabrics.
  • Exclusive range of hand woven fabric used for bags, hats, home furnishings, window blinds and upholstery fabrics etc.
  • A wide range of hand embroidered products.
  • All our products are made with Organic Cotton, Recycled Cotton or Poly or conventional cotton.